Our Approach

City Pups SF uses reward-based methods proven effective through behavioral science.  We do not employ any use of pain, fear or intimidation.

How We Can Help

Leash Reactivity: We can stop all the growling, lunging, and barking at other dogs while on leash. Let us help you enjoy walking your dog again.

Impulse Control: Young dog who can’t keep his paws on the ground or mouth to himself?  We’ll help your dog learn to redirect all that excess energy so he can respond  to you, your friends, and your neighbors with calm focus.

Basic Manners: Whether you have a new family member or an old dog who could use a few new tricks, we can teach him his basic P’s  & Q’s — recall training, leash manners, sits and downs, stay, leave it, etc.

Training Options

Before choosing between the options below, we require an initial consultation($150) to discuss your goals, set a training plan and determine the best package for you and your dog.

Day Training

An ideal option for parents who might not have the time to work on their dog’s training as much as they’d like. Our trainer trains Fido at your home and in your neighborhood, working on new skills or stamping out problem behaviors like reactivity, barking, and scavenging.

Day training plans typically take between two and ten weeks, depending on the issue and severity of the problem.

$340/week(3 training sessions & 1 parent transfer session with trainer each week.)

Parent Coaching

Let us teach you how to train your dog. We’ll help you learn how to teach and maintain basic manners, and how to deal with pesky problem behaviors.